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Детская Горка Pilsan "Забава"

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Крепкая и устойчивая конструкция выполнена из легкого и прочного пластика, поэтому безопасна, и пригодна для установки на любой поверхности. Горку можно установить в квартире или взять с собой в поездку. Малыш может играть где угодно: дома, в комнате, на даче, у песочницы, на берегу, у самой воды.

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    Chapter four. Beneath the Covers: Startup Code and Resources with the MJAndroid Software
    Chapter 3 introduced the major software we use in this particular book to illustrate general Android concepts. That chapter explained which information make up the source code, but it surely didn’t actually cover any source code within the software. We’ll start off wanting at source code on this chapter. And to make it possible for you to definitely get started developing an software promptly, we’ll begin with the initially task every standalone software has to perform: initialization.
    The events covered in such a chapter occur around your selecting “Run As Android Application” from the Eclipse menu and seeing the map that MJAndroid displays at startup. This chapter shows how Android makes it convenient to develop relatively complex purposes. In just 80 lines of code and some associated XML resource documents, MJAndroid manages to:
    Display an interactive map
    Track the present location from the Android phone and update the map
    Build a local databases of info and load person preferences into it
    Deliver a dynamically changing menu
    Display consumer interface parts these as labels, buttons, and spinners
    Run a new Activity to display a supporting screen
    The Java code in an Android software interacts tightly with XML resource data files, so we’ll bounce again and forth around them during this chapter. As we point out repeatedly, XML data files are easier to tweak during growth and sustain over the life of an software. The create of Android encourages you to definitely specify the glimpse and behavior within the software on the resource information.
    Initialization Parameters in AndroidManifest.xml
    As Chapter 3 explained, we told Android to launch Microjobs.java given that the to begin with Activity for MJAndroid. We defined that around the Software tab with the AndroidManifest.xml editor. The very first part on the XML code that good results from that choice is proven right here:
    This section on the chapter focuses relating to the XML in such a file. The MicroJobs Activity is identified around the manifest for the beginning for the file. This part in the file is normally created in Eclipse if you happen to number one produce the Undertaking that you just use to write down your software .
    Like all extremely good XML data files, line 1 has the standard declaration belonging to the XML version and also character encoding made use of. Before we get into the Activities that make up the MJAndroid software, we define a handful of parameters and declare needed permissions with the whole software:
    This is just the package name we gave when we created the software in Eclipse. It is also the default package for all the modules inside the software.
    This is definitely an integer that should always increment with just about every new version belonging to the software. Every software should include a version code, and it should always be a monotonically increasing integer from version to version. This allows other programs (this sort of as Android Market, installers, and launchers) easily figure out which is the latest version of an software. The filename of your .apk file should include this same version variety, so it is obvious which version it comprises.
    This version identifier is actually a string, and it is intended to be greater like the version figures you usually see for apps. The naming convention is up to you, but generally the idea is to make use of a scheme like m.n.o (for as a multitude of figures as you ought to use), to identify successive degrees of change to the software. The idea is the fact this is the version identifier that would be displayed to your consumer (either by your software or another software).
    There are four of these in MJAndroid, and they declare that the software intends to implement amenities of Android that require explicit permission from the consumer for the cellular equipment operating the software. The permission is requested if the software is installed, and from then on Android remembers that the consumer explained it was OK (or not) to run this software and entry the secure capabilities. There are a wide selection of permissions now defined in Android, all described inside the Android documentation (search for android.Manifest.permission ). You can actually also define your unique permissions and use them to restrict other applications’ entry to functions inside of your software, unless the consumer grants the opposite software that permission. The permissions requested listed here are:
    ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION. which is required to obtain location tips from the GPS sensor.
    ACCESS_LOCATION_EXTRA_COMMANDS. The Android documentation doesn’t tell us which location commands are “extra,” so we’ll ask for all of these.
    CALL_PHONE. This will allow MJAndroid to request that the Dialer site a cellular phone call on its behalf.
    ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION. so we can get fake location data when we’re operating underneath the emulator.
    INTERNET. so we can retrieve map tiles over an Internet link.
    This is the filename for a PNG file that comprises the icon you’d like to utilize for your personal software. During this case we’re telling the Android SDK to seem for your icon file inside of the drawable subdirectory within the res (resources) directory beneath MJAndroid. Android will use this icon for ones software during the Android Desktop.
    Turning our attention to the definition with the primary (and main) Activity, MicroJobs, we initially define just a few attributes for that Activity:
    The name for the Activity. The comprehensive name of your Activity features the package name (which in our software is “com.microjobsinc.mjandroid.MicroJobs”), but since this file is always employed within the package’s namespace, we do not require to include the leading package names. The Android SDK strips the package name down to “.MicroJobs” when it creates this part of AndroidManifest.xml . and even the leading period is optional.
    The label that we would like to appear for the top for the Android screen if the Activity is relating to the screen. We saw this before in HelloWorld, where we changed the string in strings.xml to match our software.
    We then declare an intent filter that tells Android when this Activity should be run. We talked briefly about Intents in Chapter 1. and now we see them in use. As you’ll recall, when Android encounters an Intent to fulfill, it looks among the around Activities and Solutions to identify something that can services the Intent. We established two attributes:
    Right now Android is trying to launch this software, so it is researching for an Activity that declares itself willing to resolve the MAIN action. Any software that is certainly going to be launched by the Launcher needs to have exactly 1 Activity or Company that makes this assertion.
    The Intent resolver in Android employs this attribute to further qualify the Intent that it is browsing for. With this case, the qualification is usually that we’d like for this Activity to be displayed inside Person Menu so the person can select it to get started on this software. Specifying the LAUNCHER category accomplishes this. You can easlily have a perfectly valid software without this attribute-you just won’t be able to launch it from the Android consumer interface. Normally, again, you’ll have exactly one particular LAUNCHER for each software, and it will appear on the same intent filter since the opening Activity of your software.
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